The sun shone through the leaves of the oak tree, swaying in the gentle breeze. Their shadows played over Caleb as he sat with his back against the broad trunk, looking along the dusty track. From his carefully chosen vantage point across from the church he could see all the comings and goings of the village. He squinted up into the sun as a crow circled and squawked overhead.

            It was so peaceful and pleasant sitting by the tree that Caleb felt himself start to drift off to sleep. No sooner had his eyelids shut than he jolted himself upright. He didn’t want to fail in his mission. It would have been easier if there was more activity to keep him occupied while he waited, but Forgandenny was a sleepy village and he could go for whole hours without seeing anyone coming along the road. The perfect place for an enemy spy to lie undetected, he thought. Continue reading “THE CONFRONTATION”