The mist hung over the fields, obscuring the rising sun which vainly tried to burn the haze away. As the orb rose in the sky, the darkness crept back, revealing the white frosted land.

Johnny walked along the slick pavement, the overnight ice frozen to the surface making it treacherous underfoot. The annual work Christmas party had been deemed a success. He had been among the last to leave the club and ended up getting the early morning train back home.

He felt the taste of her lips still lingering on his. The smell of her perfume drifted up from his clothes. It had been a mistake. At least they had the holidays before they had to face each other in the office again. She was in a relationship, he knew that but he couldn’t resist. When she had arrived at the restaurant in the leather pencil skirt and sparkling top, he knew he was in trouble. Continue reading “CLEARING MIST”



The man on the door had given us a look, a look that said ‘are you crazy?’. He was over six-foot, wider than the door he blocked with dark black skin taught over fearsome muscles.

Vero sweet-talked him round. ‘He’s with me, ain’t no bad thing going to happen, you’ll see.’ She batted her eyelids, stroked his muscular arm, seduced him the same way she had me. It was impossible not to fall for her.

Eventually he shrugged. ‘It’s your life.’ He opened the door and let us pass. I thought I heard him mutter ‘cracker’ as the door closed, but I wasn’t going to pick a fight with him.

Vero took my arm and we walked down a dim, tight corridor. The air was damp and the smell musty. At the far end there was an opening that glowed like some portal to another world.

The sound of Vero’s heels clicking on the stone floor echoed around us until they were drowned out by the growing noise as we approached. It was the sound of joy, of happiness. There was laughter, chatter, exclamations, shouts. Above it all was the reason we had come: the music. Continue reading “A BETTER WORLD”


There was no magic in what he did. The snow made it easy to track the footprints. So long as it did not snow again before nightfall, he would find his prey.

The creek had not frozen over yet, the bubbling water still trickled through the land on it’s journey to join the mighty Yukon. The running water was the only sound apart from the crunch of his steps.

He followed the paw prints away from the creek, up into the bare trees of the surrounding forest. The sun had begun to drop behind the branches. Soon he would have to find shelter for the night.

A flurry of wings broke the serene atmosphere, a loud squawk and a dusting of snow fell on him, knocked from a branch above. He looked up and saw the Raven. Unlike his Hän ancestors, he could not take seriously the mystical stories handed down to him. The coal black spiritual trickster hopped on the branch, an inquisitive eye looking at the young warrior. In return he raised his small axe and shouted. The Raven took flight. Continue reading “SPIRIT”


I shall never forget the sound that first time.

We sat cramped together in the dark shelter at the end of the garden, with only a flickering gas lamp providing a dull orange glow.

Rufus, only a pup, huddled on my lap, cowering and whining. Mother huddled next to me, protective arms wrapped around me. Father standing at the entrance, holding the wooden panels down as the irresistible force of nature tried to rip them away.

The wind screamed and howled through the night. It was like nothing I had heard before. It sounded alien, unlike anything known on this earth. Continue reading “HAVEN”


‘Dan,’ she called urgently in a hushed whisper. Dan turned and saw Amy beckoning him.

He stepped back from the tour group. ‘What is it?’

‘Stand in front of us.’


‘Just stand in front of us. Look what she did now.’

Dan peered round Amy. Their daughter, Chloe, grinned at him. ‘She didn’t.’

‘Oh, yes she did.’

Next to the six-thousand year old Native American cave drawings was a freshly etched picture of a tall stickman.

Dan squinted. ‘Is that a spaceship?’

‘Does it matter what it is?’

‘It’s very creative.’

‘Cover me.’ Amy took out a pack of baby wipes.

‘That’s not going to work,’ Dan said.

‘You have a better idea?’

‘You’re making it worse, You’re just smudging it.’

‘Forget it, let’s just go.’

‘We have to follow the tour group.’

‘Dan, I am telling you. Let’s go.’

Amy dragged their daughter away. ‘Next year, can we please just take her to Disneyland.’

Dan backed away after them.

Chloe smiled as they broke into a run. Next year’s holiday was looking better.


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Written as part of Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. The challenge is to write a flash fiction story in around 150 – 175 words, based on the weekly photo prompt. Thanks as always to the challenge host Priceless Joy. For more information visit HERE.

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